Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HP Mini 1035nr

As Circuit City continues to circle the drain, on their way to a corporate version of a Darwin Award, I had the opportunity to pickup a netbook.  In particular, the HP Mini 1035nr.  At a very attractive price point, the device has a 95% keyboard, critical to touch-typing things like this blog post.  Which, I am doing while seated at lunch at the Nashville, TN location of the Flying Saucer.

The device has stellar battery life, i have gone over 3 hours without a charge, using wireless sporadically and wailing away on Word and Excel.

I was able to install the beta of Windows 7, per instructions here.  I am amazed as to the cold boot time from flicking a switch to the Windows desktop.  So far, these ‘stats’ are 1-gig of RAM per the licensing agreement allowing HP to equip these devices with Windows XP.

I have ordered a 2-gig RAM stick for $20.  Stay tuned for updates on other mods, including swapping my 60-gig, 4200 rpm drive for SSD storage.

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